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About Me

I have designed solutions for many leading companies in India, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Australia, New zealand, Canada and USA.
Singapore, Malaysian, Britan, Governments had awarded in the last 10 years for my innovative and 1st time solutions. If you are looking for any solutions, or technical know how, please do not hesitate to write it to me. If you are a student, researcher, non-profit organisation, social service agencies having affordability issues in hiring a consultant or IT solutions company, I could help you without a cost. I am committed to spend a percentage of my global earnings for this innovative idea. Please visit my company websites to find out more about me.
If you are an expert and like to help to the people who cannot afford- Please join with me and we can jointly help them.
The world’s best economy is K-economy. (Knowledge Economy). Let’s do our part to the society.